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Fergus, Elora, Guelph Portrait Photographer | Why Misty Blue Photography?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

As Fergus, Elora, and Guelph area's best photography studio (thanks, reader's choice awards voters!), I wanted to take a minute to touch on why I may be receiving these awards that are chosen by the community, and share what I do/the process of working with me. Because what I offer is unique, rooted around exceptional service and client experience.

I'd so love if you could share this post with your friends who might enjoy my work, or be interested in a professional photography session. Photographers rely so heavily on word of mouth and referrals, and I work dilligently and intentionally to ensure that the experience I provide clients is unique and unparelelled.

So let me tell you a little bit about working with me..

Every aspect of your session is tailored to you and your vision. The entire process is a complete package and no detail is overlooked. We will discuss everything well in advance so you are prepared before, during, and after your session.

When you arrive to our newly renovated, dedicated studio space outside of our home, it will be personalized to you and your session. There will be drinks and snacks provided for you, and a space for you to sit and relax. Every session comes with access to our ever growing client closet, and all props and high end details - you don't have to worry about a thing! We can discuss wardrobe with great detail to ensure you, your baby, and your family look like you just stepped out of a magazine.

I plan every aspect of the photo to ensure that everyone looks comfortable, the light is flattering, and the background doesn't overwhelm. And when it comes to candid photos, I will guide you so that everything feels natural and not at all awkward. To help make everyone feel at ease we will chat, make jokes, and let kids be kids - because it's important that we have fun above all else!

Outdoor portraits possess the same level of attention to detail. My loyal clients can attest that I am constantly scouting unique locations. If you trust me and are willing to take a risk I can guantee you a most beautiful backdrop for your session. One funny example that I love to share is the extended family I photographed in an empty lot next to a gas station! The photos were stunning. But my absolute favourite locations are the ones that are meaningful to you and your family, so of course we will discuss location in advance as well to ensure we choose somewhere truly special.

Your final images will be chosen by YOU from a private gallery, and hand edited in meticulous detail. Pimples and redness are removed, skin smoothed, colours perfected. When complete, your portraits are works of art, so I make certain that they are perfect when you receive them, and ready to be hung on your walls.

And speaking of your walls.. While I do offer digital portrait packages so you can do as you wish with your portraits, I also offer a catalogue of professional printed products such as prints, albums, canvases, and wood blocks. When purchasing physical products we will discuss your vision, selecting items that compliment both your portraits and your space. Every aspect of the ordering process will be scrutinized to ensure the products you receive are pristine, then I will prepare them for you so you can unwrap the gift of a lifetime of memories!

As a business owner, I am a registered and legal, insured, tax paying business. Unfortunately this is not the norm in the photography industry, but it is incredibly important. I am also regularly taking courses, as well as mentoring and learning opportunities, to further my education. I believe there is ALWAYS room for improvement, so I try to learn from every experience so I am always providing the best I can. I am trained in newborn safety and take no risks with newborn babies. I am active in our community, donate to charities, auctions, and raffles, and recently applied to become a member of our Chamber of Commerce. I regularly invest in my equipment, props and fabrics, and client closet. Many of the details I have available are antique, thrifted, or hand made, which means they are unique to me.

I won't lie, it feels a little out of my comfort zone to speak like this, in this sort of humble brag way.. but I really feel that what I provide is an incomparable experience and I wanted to share with you. In the sea of photographers I work hard to stand out and provide something special. I know you could choose anyone to have your picture taken, but I feel that you won't get quality and attention to detail like this with anyone else, nor will you have the kind of experience I provide. I love what I do and I stand behind it 100%. I don't just "take your picture", I help you capture your memories. I provide "hard copies" of important and beautiful moments in time that you can cherish for the rest of your life. I know how much these photos mean to the people and families I provide them to because I cherish all of my photos the same. That is why I do what I do.

If you're interested in working with me to artfully capture memories to last a lifetime that you and the generations after you will hold dear, please send me a message. I can't wait to meet you and discuss your portrait goals!

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